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I am a wife and a mom to my two fur babies, Ollie (Westie-poo) and Dexter (Golden-doodle). We live in Salt Lake County in Utah in a gorgeous house we built this year. 

My whole life I have been obsessed with the beauty industry. When I was a child I used to cut all my doll's hair and My Little Pony's mains which made my mom crazy.

I took that passion and went to beauty school at Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design and graduated in 2008. Since then I've used my talents to help friends and family feel beautiful.


For years my friends and co-workers have asked me to start a beauty blog including my take on fashion. I've always been a bargain shopper and love find the best fashion deals. I'm always sharing my top product finds with my girlfriends. And now you will be in the know too.


Last year my friend, Ashley, started sharing this product, at first I watched from the sidelines with curiosity thinking that it was too expensive (remember me, the bargain shopper)


Then I saw some incredible business growth and the craze for this product, and decided that I was gonna try this. When Ashley told me that I could get it for less I took a good hard look. I started my Instagram account, and email address before I had even tried this magic lipstick, because deep down I knew this was gonna feed that beauty fiend inside. Once Ashley came to show me the product I was hooked and I knew that I needed to share this with every woman who would listen.

The crazy thing is, lipstick is just the tip of the iceberg here. I quickly fell in love with the skin care and the other cosmetics. The technology and ingredients behind these products are truly revolutionary turning back my aging skin clock! 

Fast forward to now... I've been building a successful business and loving the financial freedom this company given to me and my family. But the biggest reward is to see this product and opportunity change the lives of the women around me. My team has become family. 

Thank you to all my customers who have supported my family and business. You are the best!

I'm wearing a lip combo of 1st layer Bella, 2nd Layer Dark Pink, 3rd Layer Pink Champagne

I'm also wearing a full face Senegence: Light CCTM as my foundation, candleight shawdowsense, mullberry Shadowsense, moca java shadowsense, sandstone pearl shimmer shadowselse, eye illuminator, and toasted rose blush

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