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If you love our products as much as I do, you can get a wholesale beauty membership which gets you 20% to 50% off all of our fantastic products. It's only $55 a year like a Costco membership and gets you access to wholesale pricing. You can use the discount for yourself, make extra cash by sharing with friends and family, or start an empire - the choice is yours.


Click the link below to get started! Simply select your country, and select the type of account you want. Then enter your information, and you are ready to go.






Did you know that SeneGence is The Up and Coming cosmetic company and our goal is to be the #1 cosmetic company? We grew by 700% last year, all thanks to our wonderful customers and the women who have changed their lives with this amazing revolutionary product.

This is the time to join us!

We have been featured in places like, Real,,, is the third most googled beauty product according to Allure, and Is the official makeup of braodway


Not only is this company amazing for the opportunity, the sisterhood in this company is one of the best. Women who lift each other, who serve each other, and just have fun!

We are part of one of the top teams in the company and have a proven system to start your business, with a separate password protected website and so much training and support.

If you are ready or have any questions, feel free to contact me. I could talk about this all day long!


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