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10 Tips for Wearing a Bold Lip

Wearing a bold lip is empowering beyond belief, but it also is super intimidating. Join in on the bold lipstick trend by following a few simple tips. These will have you stepping out of the house with your own trendy lip in no time.

Tip #1 : Correct Any Skin Tone Irregularities

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself when rocking a bold lip color. The more flawless your skin looks (even if that's by cheating with a great concealer and foundation) will help minimize attention to imperfections and leave your lips to play center stage.

For any redness try a green concealer (opposite on the color wheel) to cancel it out. If you have dark spots or dark circles under your eyes use a concealer like candlelight shadowsense that has a yellow undertone to counteract the purple then a light concealer to perfect and lighten.

Cover all of that with a great color correcting tinted moisturizer or your favorite foundation.

Tip #2 : Make Sure Your Lips are Hydrated and Exfoliate

When your lips are dry or peeling the color will attach to dead skin cells and cause darker patches, unevenness, as well as flaking or peeling. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub before applying your lip color to get rid of any dead skin.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before and while wearing a bold color because dehydrated lips look dry and cracked. Use lip balm at night for added moisture to avoid dehydrated lips at night. And last but not least and choose a gloss to add additional moisture while you rock that bold lippy.

Tip #3 : Choose the Right Shade for You

Your skin has an underlying pigment to it, we are talking about warm and cool tones. In general if you are a warm skin tone you will have more yellow undertones, gold looks better on this skin tone. If you are a cool skin tone you will have have more pink undertones, silver looks better on this skin tone. Cool tones will look better on cool skin toned skin, while warm tones will look better on warmed toned skin.



But one thing to remember is the rule of lipstick - you can play in both color families as long as you feel comfortable and adjust your other makeup.

If you are nervous about trying a bold lip go classic red first. Crazy blue, green, or yellow hues are very fun to wear, but starting with a classic will give you confidence to try your next.

And final tip for choosing the perfect color for you is if you have thin lips choose lighter shades to add volume. Darker shades will make your pout more extreme, a lighter shade will add volume to your lips.

Tip #4 : Be Precise When You Apply

Having errors in your lip line will be even more noticeable with a bold lip color. You can kind of fudge this with a color close to your skin tone or natural lip. With a bold lip you need to have a clean application with crisp lines. To get this wear a lip liner in a slightly deeper shade or line your lips with a brush before filling with the same color.

And of course if you are wearing LipSense use oops to fix any mistakes.

Tip #5 : Choose LipSense

I don't say this just because I am biased (I do love it, and i earn money every time you buy from me) but there is never a more important time to avoid lipstick on your teeth, smearing of any kind, transferring on to anyone else, or the dreaded feathering of the edge than when you are rocking a bold lip.

And not only that, LipSense is the only color formulated to have a gloss that penetrates the color to keep your lips 100% hydrated while wearing, and it continues to be smudge proof, kiss proof, waterproof, and all around gorgeous.

So don't choose a lipstick that will fail you when you need a high performance lipstick, always choose the best.

Tip #6 : Balance Your Other Makeup

I remember growing up seeing the 80's bold lips and a super dramatic eye, but thank heavens we have left that in the past (cross your fingers)

To rock a bold lip you should use more understated or neutral colors on your eye. Skip shadow all together and just go with a classic liner look, or just play up your lashes instead of color.

If you choose to add color to your eye use lighter monochromatic looks to bring the look together. Getting too crazy with your eye look will leave you feeling like you just have a lot of makeup on, instead of put together.

Tip #7 : Wear the Right Clothes

Lipstick is part of your outfit, so wearing clothes that work with it is key. Your outfit doesn't have to be all neutral but avoid adding too much color or you risk looking too busy.

Use accessories to help tie your lip color into your outfit. Never underestimate a great pair of Sun glasses with a bold lip.

When in doubt - black is always classic and you can wear any lip color with it.

Tip #8 : Test Out a Bold Lip at Appropriate times

Try out a new color at home for a few hours if you are nervous about showing the world. Give it a few hours before making a decision or taking it off. In general try new colors in low pressure, low risk situations.

Brunch with the girls is a great time to test out a new bold lip color, your friends will also be able to give you the scoop on if its looking FAB or DRAB.

Vacation is a great time to try out that fun pop of color, you will be out seeing the sites and what better way to spice up your look than a new color. It also is a change of scenery where you can try out a new look with not much risk.

Keep in mind a few times that you should only wear a bold lip after testing it out prior. Your wedding day is not the time to try new extreme looks, a first date could give the wrong impression, meeting your potential In-Laws is not a time to take big risks, when you are shopping you should wear neutral colors while trying on clothes, at a funeral keep makeup conservative out of respect.

Tip #9 : Wear it with Confidence

If you feel beautiful and confident holding your head up high, others will see that confidence as beauty.

Rock it without apologies even if you feel outside of your comfort zone.

Tip #10 : Re-apply

If you decide not to use LipSense it will be very important to reapply frequently so that the color continues to look perfect. Sloppy or fading color isn't the way to ROCK a bold color.

If you are wearing LipSense reapply to your water line if it starts to come off after a few hours of wear.

I hope these tips help you embrace wearing a different or bold lip. It's definitely something that takes practice and the more you embrace different looks the more variety and fun you can have.

Message me or leave comments below of your favorite bold lip looks, questions, or requests.

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